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Door Panels - Colonial Mist Range

Glass can add another dimension to your doors and make them look even more appealing to the eye. With our huge range of glass options, selecting the right glass for your doors won’t be a problem.

Our Colonial Mist range offers many patterns of glowing colours to create the look of traditional leadlight and stained glass. An advanced technology enamelling process gives the glass a carefree surface and brilliant colour which will not fade or breakdown under normal treatment.

The enamelling process also creates high strength glass with important safety features.

Top of the range are our traditional leadlight options. Handcrafted by master glaziers, many of the designs feature clear bevelled glass with multifaceted edges which reflect the spectrums of light.

The glass panels in these magnificent leadlights are sourced from the finest international glass-makers. Their textured surfaces and colours reflect the traditions of generations.

Unique BrassLight options, with their elegant polished brass canes, add to the versatility of leadlight doors. Entrance doors glazed with BrassLight feature double-glazing, providing efficient insulation against noise and climate, delivering maintenance-free performance.

Colonial Mist Range

  • 3 Diamond
  • Aztec
  • Bird Clear and Brown
  • Blue Crystal
  • Blue Wren
  • Blue Wren Pn
  • Bordered Flower
  • Camebridge Cathedral
  • DGS10 Cone Top
  • DGS10 Square Border
  • Diamone Tulip Blue
  • Diamond Tulip Red
  • Finch Jewel
  • Green Daisy
  • Gum Flower
  • Inca
  • Kookaburra Gum Leaves
  • Kookaburra Jewel
  • Lattice Spring
  • Orchid 1
  • Orchid 2
  • Oval Crystal
  • Parrot
  • Red Crusade
  • Red Diaper
  • Rose Jewel and SL
  • Rosella
  • Spring Brown and Frost
  • Starlight Crystal
  • Tulip Stem
  • Tulip Stipple
  • Twin Flower
  1. 3 Diamond
  2. Aztec
  3. Bird Clear and Brown
  4. Blue Crystal
  5. Blue Wren
  6. Blue Wren P.N.
  7. Bordered Flower
  8. Cambridge Cathedral
  9. DGS-10 Cone Top
  10. DGS-10 Square Border
  11. Diamond Tulip Blue
  12. Diamond Tulip Red
  13. Finch Jewel
  14. Green Daisy
  15. Gum Flower
  16. Inca
  17. Kookaburra Gum Leaves
  18. Kookaburra Jewel
  19. Lattice Spring
  20. Orchid 1
  21. Orchid 2
  22. Oval Crystal
  23. Parrot
  24. Red Crusade
  25. Red Diaper
  26. Rose Jewel and S/L
  27. Rosella
  28. Spring Brown and Frost
  29. Starlight Crystal
  30. Tulip Stem
  31. Tulip Stipple
  32. Twin Flower