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Glass Service, Glass Repairs and Glass Quotes

Our team at Penrose Glass are dedicated to the complete supervision of your glass needs. From the moment your order is placed, we look after all necessary facets of your order.

From measure to fabrication, transport and finally the installation of your order, every detail related is taken care of by our in-house technicians ensuring that your order is only handled by our staff and not sub-contracted to a third party, who may not take the same level of care we pride ourselves on.

Glass Repair Service – Any and All Kinds!

Penrose Glass offers a complete glass repair service for all of our products. This includes all windows doors and glass panelling not to mention our splashbacks and other unique and customisable product we produce in house. Damaged table and countertops can also be repaired along with most of our products.

We employ the same cutting edge technology with our glass repairs ensuring that a repair job is not just a cosmetic ‘touch-up’ but a complete service designed to restore a seamless finish to your window, door or splashback. Obviously different methods must be used for particular glass styles and compositions, but our staff can easily assess the damage and make an on the spot quote detailing the material and time needed, free of charge.

Our repair service is a useful and economically sound option to full replacement of our products and will only recommend replacement when absolutely necessary, with our staff willing to consult with you about your options in terms of repair and the overall outcome of this service.

The glass products featured in our repair service include:

  • Windows and doors
  • Lead-lights (Stained Glass)
  • Splashbacks
  • Stained Glass
  • Coloured Glass

Insulated Glass Consultancy Service

Penrose Glass has been involved in glass for quite a while. So long in fact that we feel we have learned a thing or two and we are more than willing to give any insights and information you may require when exploring the possibilities our products can provide.

Our staff is expertly trained and can give you an accurate and comprehensive quote as well as tips and suggestions regarding the best use of our products to suit your requirements.

Particular attention is paid to our double glazing service with your needs regarding thermal or noise insulation a vital consideration when considering what thickness and spacing is required to deliver the most beneficial results according to your needs.

For a more detailed overview of the thermal and noise insulation factors of our double glazed glass. Visit our Double Glazing Information Page

Our quote service is completely free to those in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area* but if you live outside these bounds, feel free to contact us regarding your needs and we may be able to make the trip to discuss you order in greater depth.

*The Greater Metropolitan Area extends from the City as far as Penrith in the West, Engadine in the south and Hornsby to the north.